All the way to Mercury and back for a Line 6 DT-50…

A flicker of hope for those DT-50 owners who have suffered a blown power transformer (or two)… If you read the forums, even on Line 6’s own support pages, you will quickly recognize that something went quite wrong with the DT50 amplifier. It has also mysteriously disappeared from their catalog without explanation leaving its little […]


Exclusively While-You-Wait Repair at MyTubeAudio, LLC

Welcome to MyTubeAudio. A truly different kind of repair shop. TRANSPARENT! [Updated May 2021] MyTubeAudio, LLC., is a West Michigan-based company that offers “While You Wait” [temporarily video-conference-based] service for tube amplifiers of most any make and most any vintage.  While historically “Live” with the owner in attendance,  I’m again open and making repairs with […]