Here is an amp I built a couple of years ago while I still lived in Germany (1999-2006).  It’s a combination of the best of many circuits, including a unique double-tank (dual tube drive, dual transformer) reverb system which is smooth as can be.  It has the tweed concertina phase splitter, which overdrives well in my opinion.  Variable damping is available with an adjustable feedback loop pot placed on the rear apron.  The  thin floating baffle is more Leo technique, as is the tone stack, circa AB763.  There is a variable bright switch with 6 values of HPF caps available, and a master volume. The reverb return is a simple (dual) JFET gain stage that’s not visible in the pics as it’s mounted to the rear apron of the chassis, near V1 on the same plane as the speaker output jacks.  I built this amp in my apartment with a chassis from Mojo and custom front and rear etched graphic panels from a  sign shop in Cologne, Germany. (They didn’t do quite what I asked for, but it’s almost passable. At least they spelled everything correctly, even though they spoke no english.)  I also custom-made a cabinet from 21mm Baltic Birch (almost an inch thick!) and covered it with VW seat leather I bought surplus.  The leather looks really nice, I prefer working with it over standard Tolex, and I’ve covered with both a few times. The wire is mostly cloth-covered pushback type, for vibe and authenticity. I have many amps, 17 currently, but this has become my main amp since it does so many things well, and it’s lower power, say 16 or 18 watts clean, gets nice and edgy when playing with other musicians without being too loud.

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