West Michigan’s ONLY while you wait tube amp repair service.  No Drop Off / Pick Up work is accepted.  Tube-based gear only, NO solid state repair services are offered.  Appointments booked by phone or text in advance for Monday and Tuesday evenings only. Payment by cash, check or Paypal only, please.  Bench rate is currently $60 per hour plus parts and sales tax (from Jan. 01, 2022 onwards).

SPECIAL NOTE ON TUBE AVAILABILITY FOR 2022:  For the time being, I am requesting that customers bring their own current-production tubes for install and setup. This is for a few reasons.

1. Obviously the events in Ukraine have altered the Russian supply chain for new valves and many vendors are clearly price gouging to take advantage of the demand versus supply situation.

2. The prices are so volatile right now that they change week-by-week. I don’t have time to track where the best deals are, whereas a customer may be free to “shop around” for an acceptable price.

3. I know that the supply chain in tubes can be, let’s say, kind of dubious in some areas.  There just are NOT people out there crushing borderline parts that don’t meet their screening and matching criteria.  I see Gm numbers all over the place, where they once had a “spec”, and I have been very suspicious for years that these sub-par tubes just get brokered on to the next tier of sales.  I think the little guys have a hard time getting the “first choice tubes” from the large lots that come ashore and then change hands moving down the distribution chain.  You never really know with many smaller suppliers where they get their tubes from, who broke open the pallet first and who has already sorted through them.  I do not want to deal with or promote any of those murky waters.

4. Hopefully once Mr. Putin is done waving his anatomy around, trade relations will normalize and we will see stable prices and good availability return.  Meanwhile, I would highly encourage all of my customers to get the best price they can, from the most reputable dealer they can afford, and then head my way.


I’m typically, but not always booked out by couple of weeks or more.   I keep a very deep inventory of tube and guitar-amp related parts. Yes, you can bring your own parts, no issue at all.  I just can’t warranty them.   MTA LLC is located on Holland’s East Side.  It has been in business for decades now, with literally hundreds of happy customers.  My repair return rate is typically under 1%, year-on-year.

A 2017 Statistic: 58 documented while you wait repairs completed. This year will be more.  There is no middle man, no markup and no waiting for weeks under this truly different business model. Transparency is what it’s all about.  Questions answered. Fast and accurate work. Military-quality soldering. Quality components.  Excellent test and measurement equipment and the experience to put it to good use.  Deep background in electronics engineering and radio technology, and over 30 years in building and servicing tube amps. Extra Class FCC license.  Fully insured. Tax license and a registered Michigan Small Business.  Need I say more? Why go anywhere else?