West Michigan’s ONLY while you wait tube amp repair service.  No Drop Off / Pick Up work is accepted.  Tube-based gear only, NO solid state repair services are offered.  Appointments booked by phone or text in advance for Monday and Tuesday evenings only. Payment by cash, check or Paypal only, please.  Bench rate is currently $60 per hour plus parts and sales tax (from Jan. 01, 2022 onwards).  I’m typically, but not always booked out by couple of weeks or more.  Yes, you can bring your own parts, I just can’t warranty them.  I keep a deep inventory of tube and guitar amp related parts.  For more information, check out the advertisement in the Grand Rapids Craigslist  under For Sale: Musical Instruments.  Search “Tube Amp Repair” if you have trouble finding it.  Contact information is on the main website page header. It’s an image so the web-bots don’t see it so easily.  MTA LLC is located on Holland’s East Side.  In business for decadesnow, with literally hundreds of happy customers.  My repair return rate is typically under 1%, year-on-year.

A 2017 Statistic: 58 documented while you wait repairs completed. This year will be more.  There is no middle man, no markup and no waiting for weeks under this truly different business model. Transparency is what it’s all about.  Questions answered. Fast and accurate work. Military-quality soldering. Quality components.  Excellent test and measurement equipment and the experience to put it to good use.  Deep background in electronics engineering and radio technology, and over 30 years in building and servicing tube amps. Extra Class FCC license.  Fully insured. Tax license and a registered Michigan Small Business.  Need I say more? Why go anywhere else?