Sometimes you get a surprise, and sometimes, even when it’s bad, it works out.  A couple of years ago I bought some used JBL subs. We had been renting them for Rocket 8 gigs, once a month for several months, so at some point I decided it would make more sense to just buy them outright from the owner.  Problem was, we were not the only ones renting them. When I took delivery, it didn’t take long to realize one driver had gotten blown since we last used them.  My friend owns a pro-sound consulting and install firm, and he hooked me up with an original JBL recone kit for a very nice price – free, as it had sustained minor damage in transit, Nothing critical, but it could not be sold as “new”.  Of course I accepted the terms.  Here’s what happened next, in fast-forward motion.  The key to a good re-cone is to get the coil centered perfectly and make sure everything is nailed down and consistent. Use a current-regulated variable power supply to check for rubs as you go.  Oh, and take your time, be patient and work with an eye for detail.


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