The TET isn’t offensive, but your tube might be.. a new Small Signal Triode Evaluation Tool with real-time RTA

I’ve been buying tubes for a long time, and arguably I buy more tubes than most folks. In the last 10 years alone, I’ve documented several hundred tube amp repairs, many of them requiring tubes.  Over time, I’ve read a lot of opinions and evaluations on tube brands and sound.  In particular, the mysterious conversation […]

Dan Brasier, owner, MyTubeAudio, LLC

Hi, I’m Dan, and this is a bit about me, circa 2018, and the website in general. My interests, at least those I invest time into: Tube Amplifiers: repair, restoration, construction, Musical Instruments, Music live performance, recording, production, Radio Frequency technology, including amateur radio and antenna work, Woodworking, plastics, metalworking, The challenge of repairing things […]