Well, it’s christmas, 2019, and what should appear in my stocking? A nice new Sennheiser e609 microphone.  What better way to try it out than to make a recording with it on the 1966 Vibrolux , using the 1998 Stratocaster Deluxe?  This has been my main guitar for many years, I bought it new in 1999. The neck is so sweet.  It’s got the rolled edges and the abalone inlays. Sadly, I’ve just about worn the frets out – I think the divots are too deep to be filed out reasonably.  I’m in the market for a new neck or a very skilled luthier that I can trust to refret this one.  This is just 14 minutes of noodling around using different pickup settings and various pedals. Used here: EH English Muff’n, EH Clone Theory, MXR 5 knob chorus, H&K Tubeman I, Circus Freak compressor (best I’ve heard) EH Memory Man, a Blues Driver handwired clone (see my related post for the build) and an EH reverb pedal.  Not my best playing but it was fun to do. Funny how inspired you can get but once you go all engineer-y on setting it up the Muse kind of walks away.  The whole project from taping the vidcam to the strat, recording some junk, editing the video and posting this now took about 2 hours of time. I’m getting better/faster with the Magix Movie Editor program.

It’s been a great year for MyTubeAudio. I will soon have some statistics on exactly how many appointments happened, but I think I broke over 60 this year. Great fun!



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