Hi, I’m Dan, and this is a bit about me, circa 2018, and the website in general.

My interests, at least those I invest time into:

  • Tube Amplifiers: repair, restoration, construction,
  • Musical Instruments,
  • Music live performance, recording, production,
  • Radio Frequency technology, including amateur radio and antenna work,
  • Woodworking, plastics, metalworking,
  • The challenge of repairing things in front of a critical audience,
  • Test and Measurement systems – design, use,
  • Cosmology and Physics (reading),
  • Songwriting,
  • Raising children,
  • Cats in general,
  • World Travel –  11 countries and counting,
  • Photography and Videography,
  • Auto repair,
  • Acoustics,
  • Antique Radio collection, restoration,
  • Camping,

My Career Resume:

  • 1983-84 Electronic Communications at GASC (2 year vocational program)
  • 1983 Summer program: British Trust For Conservation Volunteers, UK
  • 1985-1990 Central Michigan University, Industrial Arts Program / Electronics
  • 1990-1996 Prince Corporation, Electronics Technician, Holland MI
  • 1996-1999 Johnson Controls, RF Technician, Holland MI
  • 1999-2007 Johnson Controls GmbH, RF/Design Engineer, Burscheid, Germany
  • 2007-2014 Johnson Controls, Systems Engineer for Speech Recognition, Holland MI
  • 2014-2015, Visteon Corporation, Speech Systems Engineer
  • 2015-2018 (present) Gentex Corporation, Senior EMC Test Engineer


Married since 2003 (in Germany) to Nadine, we have two children: Lilliana and Ellyn. Nadine, for whom English is a second language, holds a General-Class FCC license, while I hold an Extra-Class FCC ticket. We are struggling to raise bi-lingual children, successfully so far, and we have never had a television connection like cable or satellite. We all like to read. A lot.

Why This Site?

For the past 30 years I’ve been repairing or restoring  tube amps as a small LLC.  Five or seven years ago, as we started being more of a family, it became clear that having a pile of amps waiting next to the bench was a pressure on our time that added stress to our lives, rather than pleasure. It had long became obvious that most repairs take only 1-3 hours, and one day after discussing why I needed to go downstairs yet again, Nadine suggested: “why not do it while they are here and be done with it?” ….Huh?… Really? Thus, While You Wait Tube Amp Repair was born. Five years on, it just keeps getting better. Hundreds of repairs have been completed, and the 99.5% of customers really enjoy seeing the work get done.  I like the theatrical aspect of it, and the challenge of getting it right “under fire”.  This website was made to support the business, give me a creative outlet, help communicate the unique services MyTubeAudio LLC offers, and showcase the history, skills and unique projects I’ve taken on over these interesting years. Thanks, Nadine!

– Dan Brasier, N8ZJV, Holland, Michigan




  1. Interesting website…to say the least. no location mentioned, nor phone# Interested in a repair to a 1968 Fender Super.

    1. Hi David, I just noticed this comment, late though it may be.
      Just see the “Contact” page, just as you would on any business website. It’s all there. 🙂 I’m in West Michigan, in the Holland area.

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