Well, I have not posted here in a very very long time. A few changes have happened.  We have daughters, 3 and 5, which take a lot of our time. That’s one reason, another is just the speed of life. So much to do, so much remains undone each day. I have acquired the http://www.mytubeaudio.com address, which is kinda cool. The biggest change has to be a shift in our general business model, namely, I now work solely on a “while you wait” basis.

No more drop-off, pick-up of tube gear requiring repair. We make an appointment, we fix it, and it leaves the same night. The feedback has been very good on this. It was a good choice, and is possible because I stock a lot of replacement parts, well-organized. I have been as busy or busier since this workflow shift about a year ago.

I have been collecting some pics of the work – not as consistently as I should, but still, there are a lot of photos to post, and I think I need to get a few more up here today.  As I type this, a blizzard churns outside of our Holland, Michigan home.  The kids are home, school was closed due to weather, and there is a certain Zen to being in a warm place as the wind rages.

DSCF1150 DSCF1151 DSCF1154 DSCF1156 DSCF1157 DSCF1164 DSCF1169 DSCF1170 DSCF1177 DSCF1184 DSCF0921 DSCF0925

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