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Welcome to MyTubeAudio. A truly different kind of repair shop.

MyTubeAudio, LLC., is a West Michigan-based company that offers “While You Wait” service for tube amplifiers of most any make and most any vintage.  I’m licensed, insured and experienced – I have been involved with tube amplifiers for over 25 years.  Considering MTA’s deep inventory of parts, and the experience of hundreds and hundreds of documented amp repairs you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that most tube amps can be repaired in just an hour or two.  Why not cut out the middle-man and the three week wait and head right to the bench?  You can see your amp get worked on, you get your questions answered, and you’ll KNOW what’s been done. You can get to know your amp tech, and let him know what’s important to you. All work is performed “live” by appointment only – you are always next in line at My Tube Audio, LLC.  Do you have an important show coming up but can’t risk dropping your best amp off somewhere not knowing when it will be done?  MTA LLC can help you.

What? You’d rather have something retro and custom?  You’re covered.

My Tube Audio is also an official dealer for Mojo products, who make an impressive  line of vintage-inspired classic tube amp kits.  I can build to order / custom modify anything you find on their website, so if you’re looking to buy a classic amp but would rather have something in like-new condition without the boutique-amp price, check out and let me know what you’d like to do. It’s a good way to get a great amp for less cost than finding/buying/shipping/repairing a vintage unit.

I also offer electric guitar service – just about anything you might need outside of frets and paint. Wiring, mods, pickup changes, setups, intonation and hardware updates. You can even bring in your own purchased “goodies” and let me do the tricky part. What? you bought new tuners but they are a larger diameter?  No problem. MTA LLC has a well-equipped woodshop that can help.

Amateur Radio fans, please take note. I have a great deal of radio restoration experience (domestic AND European) and can help you get that vintage transmitter, receiver or transceiver back up and running. I have a whole bench full of gear to support radio repair, including test equipment for measuring alignment and sensitivity.

Hi-Fi friends, MTA LLC has you covered, too.  Beyond the basic performance checks, I can measure THD and Intermodulation distortion values, and a host of other aspects to make sure your tube HiFi gear is really operating like it should.

As for the site – Well, I don’t get enough free time to be doing a proper job of it, but I  add things when I can.  Up here on the front page I am going to continue to add more repair and project photos, with small comments here and there. It’s not as good as full pages dedicated to each item, but it’s better than nothing.  Enjoy what you see and feel free to contact me via the Email address shown in the photo above.

Thanks for stopping by – Dan, N8ZJV

MyTubeAudio LLC., Holland, Michigan


Well, I have not posted here in a very very long time. A few changes have happened.  We have daughters, 3 and 5, which take a lot of our time. That’s one reason, another is just the speed of life. So much to do, so much remains undone each day. I have acquired the address, which is kinda cool. The biggest change has to be a shift in our general business model, namely, I now work solely on a “while you wait” basis.

No more drop-off, pick-up of tube gear requiring repair. We make an appointment, we fix it, and it leaves the same night. The feedback has been very good on this. It was a good choice, and is possible because I stock a lot of replacement parts, well-organized. I have been as busy or busier since this workflow shift about a year ago.

I have been collecting some pics of the work – not as consistently as I should, but still, there are a lot of photos to post, and I think I need to get a few more up here today.  As I type this, a blizzard churns outside of our Holland, Michigan home.  The kids are home, school was closed due to weather, and there is a certain Zen to being in a warm place as the wind rages.

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