Ampeg B15S – the Portaflex.

This amp has a history, most of which I know nothing about. But this is one of those stories that makes legends, eventually. It goes like this… it used to live at a Theater (as in stage play theater..) for probably the major portion of it’s life, and one day it almost hit the dumpster during a cleaning-up operation as the management underwent some changes. Luckily for me a good friend spotted it as it was literally being carried out and detoured the folks carrying it towards his van. It was gifted to me and aside from being a little scratched up, it’s in fine shape after minimal servicing. It even has an original set of USA 7027’s in it, which measure fine. They make 70-80 watts RMS clean. As the Altec 15″ (original, it appears) speaker seems pretty efficient, this unit can easily keep up with a drummer and as such it’s the main bass amp in my project studio now. My friend Steve uses it whenever the old band gets together, and we love it’s tone. It sits on an 80’s Ampeg 4×10 cabinet, and the combination of the two can move a lot of air. It also makes a nice looking bass stack. The 4×10 was an eBay local purchase – local,.. OK, Bay City, but that’s still local enough..) where I paid 75 dollars for the cabinet with 1 damaged and theoretically 3 OK speakers. In the end I had two of the drivers reconed, ($70) and had to repair the grille. Overall cost for this stack was about 150 dollars. How’s that for a deal? Like I said… the stuff of Legends… :o)

70's Ampeg B15S Portaflex

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